Welness Exams
Having an annual wellness exam done for your dog or cat is a way of ensuring that any illnesses or issues are diagnosed early enough to provide treatment, whenever possible. Our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong and sometimes we miss all the little warning signs. When a veterinarian does a full physical, he is checking all physical signs and symptoms that sometimes, we as pet owners, don’t know to look for. Having this done annually also allows the vet to track any changes he may notice in your pet as well as checking for anything unusual.
Surgical Procedures
Edmonds St. is equipped with a full service surgical room where Dr. Maan can perform any surgical procedures your pet may need. Some surgeries are elective such as spaying and neutering, this should be done when your pet is approximately 6 months old. This is when dogs and cats begin to reach sexual maturity and procedures are done to prevent unwanted behavioural issues, unplanned pregnancy and the health risks that occur in un-altered animals. Other surgeries such as the removal of a foreign object your pet swallowed are done immediately upon diagnosis in order to save your pet’s life.
In-Clinic Pharmacy
In clinic, we keep a wide variety of medications on hand to meet all your pharmaceutical needs. Many of the products come in multiple forms to allow for the easiest possible administration at home. Ask about your options for tablet, liquid and even some topical options for illnesses like hyperthyroidism.
Diagnostic Procedures
At home you may notice changes in your pets behaviour such as your dog vomiting or your cat urinating outside the litter box. In order to determine what is causing these issues we rely on diagnostic procedures to assist us. We use mainly x-ray images to see any visible issues internally and / or blood work for invisible issues. Performing diagnostic procedures as quickly as possible allows us to start treatment sooner making the chances for a full recovery greater.
Pet Identification
The sheer panic a pet owner feels when their dog or cat is lost without permanent identification can be avoided. By placing a simple tattoo or microchip on your pet, you can rest assured that if your pet is ever lost, that is one less thing for you to worry about. A microchip is implanted under the skin of your cat or dog, near the shoulder blades. This chip can be scanned by any rescue or veterinarian anywhere in North America. It is also required for most international flights. A tattoo is a series of letters and numbers that trace your pet back to our clinic and from there we can inform you of their whereabouts.
Euthanasia & Cremation Services
The most difficult part of owning a pet is when you have to make a decision to put their comfort before your own and end their suffering. We will do everything we can to try and make this time a little more bearable for you. It should be done as humanely as possible. We provide after care in the form of communal or private cremation through FOREVER TOGETHER CREMATION SERVICES.

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